I am so fortunate that much of my business comes from past client referrals

and repeat business from them as well. 

If you know of anyone wanting to buy or sell a home,

please email me their information and I will be happy to contact them.

Thank you,  

Debbie Murphy




Thank  you for listing your mother's Cambrian home with me. 

I appreciate your trust.


Mara and Brent,

THANK YOU for listing your Cambrian home with me! 

We will find it a great new family!



Another Cambrian listing! 

So glad we sold your lovely home so fast and closed escrow EARLY!! 

Enjoy your new life in Arizona with your son and his family!



Another great Cambrian neighborhood client!

I know other agents had tried to sell your home,

but once we started working together and prepped it correctly it SOLD in less than 2 weeks!


Marv and Claudia,

More neighborhood clients!

Thank you for listing with me! 

Your gorgeous home sold OVER asking with MULTIPLE OFFERS in 1WEEK! 

Happy Retirement!


Rebecca and Ken,

Another Referred client!

What a story to tell! 

We made your offer in another multiple offer situation,

and it was accepted the day before you got married!

You could not have been nicer to work with.  

Many Happy Years Together!  Congratulations! 


Risko Family,

What friends! 

We found your DREAM home, The first offer we made,  in a multiple offer situation and GOT IT!  

WOW!  You will love it! 



I am so happy to list your home!   SOLD in 5 days!  Multiple offers!


Carrie and Mark,

Another Cambrian listing!

Thank you for listing your home with me! 

Thanks to my previous clients on the street, the Leighton family for recommending me!



Megan and Ann,

Another referred Cambrian client! 

My neighbors, I appreciate the trust you put in me. 

We will be listing your mother's home in The Villages and I am so excited to work with you.

SALE PENDING in 1 week! 

"Thank you, thank you! I know how much work you did ...and it is much appreciated!"" Ann




Another repeat Cambrian client!

Thank you for calling me to list your home. 

I sold it to you 5 years ago and appreciate your trust.  

SALE PENDING in just 5 days!

"Thank you Debbie, I really appreciate everything you did and you DID do a GREAT job!" Elias

Escrow CLOSED 10 days early!


Leilani and Dan,

Multiple Repeat Clients! 

I am very excited to work with you again!

"We have complete faith and trust in you Debbie"  Leilani


Tom M.,

Another referral!

My wonderful handyman, thank you for your trust. 

We all worked hard to get your mother's home ready in just a few days and already had an offer!

Thanks again Carlos Painting! SOLD with multiple offers!

"You are the best Realtor I work with, that's why I chose you to represent us!"  Tom



Another referral! 

Thank you for listing your home with me. 

SOLD! and escrow is CLOSED!

Thank you Jerry and Sharon for referring your sister!

"I am SO thankful for all of your help, I will refer my frients and co workers"  Sandy


Mr. Sholts,

 I will be working hard to get your late sister's Cambrian area home ready

to go on the market quickly.

I appreciate your trust in me.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Linda and friends for coordinating a great estate sale!

Carlos Painting, Eddie Carpets,Tom Handyman!  SOLD Over asking!!

"When I am ready to sell my home I will be calling you back"  Mr. Sholts


Ken and Meghan,

Another Referred client!

!  CONGRATULATIONS!!  We found you a great Willow Glen home!

Such a nice street and great home.

Merri-Lynn--THANK YOU for referring your nephew!  Another Reed Elementary parent!



Another referred client!

Thank you so much for your trust. 

You have moved out, given me the keys and let me go to work on it! 

My team is hard at work preparing your home to show it's best.

 Thank you for your confidence.  Your beautiful home will be on the market shortly.

SOLD!!!! in 1 week!!  Multiple offers!  OVER ASK PRICE!



Your gorgeous home is on the market this week and I expect great things!

SOLD in 1 week !! Multiple offers!!  OVER ASKING!


Ron, Dale and family,

Another Referred client!

Thank you for listing your home on Corning with me. 

Thanks to all of my team that helped put the home together so quickly --

 Carlos Painting, Eddie Carpets, Jose Handyman and Mario Contractor!

As a result, we had 2 fantastic offers in less than a week and we are in contract! SOLD!



Steve and Jean,

Thank you for listing your gorgeous home on Ensalmo with me! 

So happy for you that we got multiple offers and a great escrow!   SOLD in 15 days! 

A fantastic price too!


Roger and Leanne,

We received multiple offers within 1 week and you got a great offer. 

Thank you so much for everything.


Karen and Tom, 

We found you the home of your dreams!  I am so happy for you both.

I feel so fortunate to have such wonderful clients! 


Steve and Wendie,

Congratulations and have a smooth move to Ohio.  Multiple offers!

We had a great escrow and closed in just 3 weeks!

Thanks to Carlos Painting for the great job!   



Doug and Susie,

You are some of my hardest working clients. Multiple offers! 

We got a great price for you home and it sold quickly!  No pink home anymore!!

A big thank you to my crew--Carlos--painting and Lucas--Gardening!



Kathy and John, 

You live out of town and trusted me to put it "together" to sell.  One day on the market and we already have an offer We had a painter, carpet layer, hardwood refinisher, landscaper, handyman and cleaning crew get this on the market in about 1 week! 

Thanks Carlos, Eddie, Frank, Lucas, Tom and Alma!



We found 3 properties you loved the first day, made an offer

and you found a wonderful new home!  Thank you for checking my references!  Congratulations!



Another referred client!

We have closed escrow!  Thank you Diane for referring Rocky to me.

  Such a pleasure to work with you!  You are off to  Australia!




Another referred client! 

Congratulations on your new home the 2nd home we looked at! 

We are CLOSED!  What a GREAT deal you got!



Heather and Gunole,

Another referred client!

You will also be having your first Christmas together in your new Victorian home in

Willow Glen!  Enjoy!


Aimee and Brent,

CONGRATULATIONS!  What a cute Rosegarden home!  Love it! 

Thanks for referring your friend Jonelle (above)


Kathy, Len and Family,

We sold one home and bought you your forever home in multiple offers! 

Another Reed Elementary Parent!

Thank you and live happily after!


Jerry and Sharon,

What wonderful people!  Just like family.  Thank you so much for choosing me as your realtor.  You were using another agent for a long time with NO success, but asked me to help you and we found your new home on the first day looking!



Another referral!

Despite the economy we got your condo SOLD in record time at a fantastic price.

Your were an absolute PLEASURE to work with!

Thanks to you mom for referring me!



Repeat client!

Thank you for using me as your agent to buy your home and thank you so much for calling me back to sell your home for you.  I also appreciate your referrals! 



John and Yong,

On our first day out looking to buy a home for your family we found the perfect one! 

I told you we would find it! 

I am looking forward to having you as neighbors!

This was one of the 1st homes we looked at for you to buy.  I know you will love living there--you were so fun to work with!


                                                           Dan, Leilani and Family,

This was the 2nd property we looked at to buy and it was perfect for your growing family

We listed your Cambrian home, you took my advice on how to make it show it's best, and we

 received $35,000 more than we thought we would!  SOLD in 4 days!



Tina and family,

We found your home the first day out looking! 

Even though there were multiple offers, we got it for you


Vic and Rene,

Another referral!

We found you a wonderful home to begin your new life together.

Thank you Dave and Carmen for referring Rene!

Congratulations on your marriage!



Kathy, Sue and Pat,

We worked together to make your home shine! 

It was FUN working with 3 sisters!

SOLD and closed escrow in 7 days!!!!  


Phil and Julie,

Repeat client!

I sold the home to you 2 years ago,

and thank you for letting me sell it for you this time!

You gorgeous home sold within 1 week with MULTIPLE OFFERS!


Peter and Monika,

Congratulations on your new home! UNDER BUDGET!  So glad we're neighbors!

We got your offer accepted in record time and it was the only offer we had to make!

Another Reed Elementary Parent! 


Greg and Li,

You have a very nice Willow Glen home!  We had the offer accepted within 1 hour!



Mike and Margaret,

We closed your very smooth escrow on time!



Paul, Leslie and family,

Multiple Repeat Client!

What can I say?  You are such great people!  I know you love your Almaden home and I thank you for all of your trust.  I have worked you with on 3 personal home transactions and received so many referrals from you!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!!


Klyde, Tanya and family,

Thank you for your trust.  I am so glad you love your home and enjoy our family barbeques!

Another Reed Elementary Parent


Sam and Henrietta,

All I can say is 8 offers!!!  WOW!!


Kevin and Katie,

We sold your home and got you a fabulous fixer upper in a great neighborhood! 

Glad we are neighbors!



Repeat client!

We looked at 5 homes and 2 were just right. Our offer was accepted within 2 hours of writing it,

and you get to live in the castle of your dreams!


Tim and Maureen,

Thank you for listing your GORGEOUS home with me.   SOLD!!


Barrey, Debbie and Hannah,

Welcome to the neighborhood!  What a nice family you are!


Henrick and Alice,

I am very happy that you got a home you never could have imagined having!


Ms. Altonn,

Repeat client!

THANK YOU!  We sold your ALmaden Valley home to a wonderful family and you moved to

The Villages where we found you just what you wanted with a lake view!



We had numerous offers on your late mother's home.  You now have a wonderful family living there and a great nest egg for your retirement!


Matt and Emilie,

Repeat client!

You purchased your very nice home from me a few years ago and

thank you for calling me when the time came to sell!




You bought a LOVELY home!  Thank you for using as your buyer's agent!



Thank you for using me as your Buyer's agent for a 1031 exchange. 
Thank you to you client for the referral!



Thank you for using me to sell your mother's home.  It took some work but we made it ROCK! 

With the huge price we received, live happily ever after!



So fun to work with you!  So glad we were able to sell your home quickly so you could buy you new dream home.  So funny that your kids recognized me from my advertising and really thought it was SOMETHING that they knew me!




You were my first Cambrian area home listing.  THANK YOU!! Your gorgeous home had 8 offers and you received a great price.  Your home sale generated 2 more neighborhood listings for me and they have just kept coming.  I have now sold over 80 homes just in our neighborhood, many many more throughout the Santa Clara area.  

  It all started with YOU.  Your trust in me will be forever remembered. 


Mr and Mrs Stonehouse,

You were my very first listing ever and I want to THANK YOU for giving me a chance. 

Thanks to your wonderful daughter for referring me. 

Our kids were in kindergarten together at Reed Elementary. 



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